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Nexus United works with small business owners operating a tax business to assist them with competing on the level of local and national tax firms. We provide the powerful tools to assist tax preparation companies with attracting a steady stream of new clients, ultimately building a thriving tax company.

At Nexus United, we have a singular mission to unite thousands of tax offices and use the combined strength of the group to provide an unparalleled level of support services, financial savings, marketing options, and simplified access to loans for increased business growth. Our small business tax preparation software is one of the effective tools we offer in addition to small business consulting services and our income tax preparation training program. With the right support, you will watch as your tax business soars to new heights.

With several years of experience under our belt, we have the right expertise to guide you forward in your business. We have helped countless tax accounting firms to achieve their dreams and we can show you how to put Drake Tax Software training to work for you. Whether you are a sole proprietor service tax preparer or you own a company that provides a business accountant service, we can assist you with achieving phenomenal growth.

With the help of Nexus United, small business tax accountant service providers will have access to the proven strategies and solutions to help take their tax businesses to the next level.

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