About The Client

Nizlar.com is a London based e-commerce brand that focuses on selling hot, trendy and customized merchandises from Tshirts to Hoodies to Phone cases. Think fashion, think pop, think trend – You think Nizlar!

After we designed their state of the art e-commerce website, there was a need to bring customers to their website who are laser targeted to their products and offerings. We decided to make use of digital marketing by leveraging social media, social media influencers and content creation to bring awareness, traffic and sales for Nizlar.

The result is laser targeted traffic to the shop and product pages, brand awareness and strong social media presence. Using Facebook and Instagram’s unique targetting, making use of key influencers and ensuring there’s a good amount of content being shared on both accounts, sales of product increased exponentially whilst creating a friendly and approachable brand for Nizlar.

Work Done for Client.

Social Media Marketing | Content Creation & Marketing | Influencer Marketing and Outreach | Strong Social Media Presence | Carving a Brand Identity for The Brand | Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

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So excited for the results we get on a monthly basis. Daniel at Presidential Ideas has been a great help for our brand, offering us above and beyond service. Many Thanks once again!

Miss Nizzy