Win TOTAL BRANDING for your business worth between £2000 – £5700 for just a Monkey!

Do you know what a monkey means? I know that is an odd question to be asking but if you are based in the UK – chances are that you might know that certain amounts of money have nicknames. For example £20 is a Score, £25 is a Pony, £100 is a Ton£500 is a Monkey, and £1000 is a Grand. Thank me later for the UK money slang education but the purpose of this post isn’t all that – we at Presidential Ideas have decided to provide 5 business with Total Branding/Re-branding for only a Monkey for the month of November.

In a market replete in terms of competition, there is a need for a business to stand out from all others, which will lead into having a higher share of the market. For many, this is not an easy feat, especially for small-scale businesses running head-to-head against bigger ones. In this case, one of the most important things to do is to establish your own identity, something people will remember about your business. Graphic and web design are two of the most significant examples of such, making it possible to create your own personality. Now! That’s where Monkey Startup comes into the picture!

What does this package contain?

Well, just like the name of the offer “Total Branding” – we will be offering these businesses everything they require to not only look like but perform like a real business. It will contain Logo design / Redesign + All Print / Marketing Material designs and the design / re-design of their Business website.  These package normally costs between £2000 – £5700 depending on the size of the business and scope of work but 5 lucky businesses will get it for a Monkey! Just a monkey! Remember what a monkey is?

A lot of small businesses lack proper brand identity, we know this because as a London based Creative design business – we have worked and still work with a lot of SMEs. Matter of fact – our mission is to provide SMEs with the same level of quality service and designs big brands get. To put it in our language, “Our mission is to provide businesses with TRUMP luxury quality service at WALMART price”.

With this “Monkey Branding Package” , we will provide your business with everything a new or existing business needs to call themselves “A Business”. We first start with a kickoff meeting to understand your business, ask some questions and also advice you if needed. Then we start with your custom logo design which is the most important brand identity for any business. We then move on to your stationary/marketing materials design and top it up with a modern and intuitive website for your brand – all this done within 1week. Yes! 1week, the kettle is always on at Monkey Startup.

What do you have to do to be one of the 5 lucky businesses? You just have to fill the form below, Answer the question and on the 10th of November – the 5 lucky businesses will receive an email from our team. Winners will be selected at random with no specific preferences. Good luck!

Throughout the years Presidential Ideas has been able to create stunning, award winning designs in multiple verticals while allowing our clients to obtain an overall better web presence.